How To Give Feedback

By now, all of the SNF clinical staff will have had the opportunity to work with the new NetHealth library. We are interested in your suggestions for improvements and have provided an electronic form you can complete to get your ideas to us. This NetHealth Library Feedback Form is located within NetHealth as a link under “My workplace,” “My favorites.” It can also be accessed from the Springboard under Clinical/Documentation/NetHealth library training. The direct link to the form is here. Thank you to those that have already given feedback.

What Will We Do with the Feedback?

The feedback you provide will be categorized according to the complexity and decision making needed. Some editorial things like misspellings, a dropdown that isn’t working, or the like can be fixed while the library is in production. We’ll be doing these as we receive them and will not provide field notification when they are changed.

Other feedback is more substantive in nature and will require more input and decision making to determine the path forward. These changes require an update to the entire library, so we will plan to make several of these at once. When this happens, we’ll provide field notes explaining the new changes.

Unfortunately, we do not have the bandwidth to respond personally to every suggestion to explain the disposition of your idea. However, we are logging them all, making quick edits as soon as possible, looking for trends, and staying current with best clinical practices to ensure we are working with a robust library that meets our clinical, regulatory, and operational objectives within the functionality constraints of the system we are using. We are grateful for your input and ideas, so keep them coming!

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