By Jen Newman, Senior DOR, WA4/WA2 Region

It is not often that I am at a loss for words, but I am finding it difficult to convey the gratitude, appreciation, and pride that I feel after this inaugural round of Quarterly Check-Ins (QCIs). Our target completion rate was 75% and that number was smashed with >85% of employees completing a meeting and UKG post. This was a major process shift and the success of this initiative could not have happened with YOU. Thank you for prioritizing these impactful conversations with one another, reaching out with questions, and providing feedback on the process. Through speaking with many of you over the last month, it became apparent that we did not include adequate training resources on UKG goal posting in our roll-out plan. A new resource on this topic has been created to help make journal posting more time efficient and clear during future QCIs. As you prepare for the next round of QCIs (don’t worry, they are not due until end of June). Please refer to these three attachments:

  • “How To” document for posting a journal entry on your QCI goal in Desktop UKG Pro
  • “How To” Journal in Mobile UKG Pro
  • YouTube video “How to View and Comments on Goals in UKG: For DORs” (watch below)

So what are the next steps from here? Now we focus on creating the habit of QCIs and keeping the momentum going for the next quarter. The long-term goal of QCIs is for these short meetings and journal postings to occur once each quarter for every employee. This will ensure each employee has a set time to frequently discuss goal setting, job performance, and provide opportunities for multidirectional feedback with their manager. UKG will send an automated reminder approximately 30 days before each quarter ends, but don’t wait for that! I encourage both managers and employees to schedule your next QCI meeting today.

Thank you again for making this first round so successful. I am so excited that the shift to shorter, more frequent development conversations is underway.


“How-To”- Posting a journal entry on your goals in Desktop UKG Pro

How to Journal in Mobile UKG Pro



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