By Ty Keeter

Regional Director of Operations

On March 13th, directors of rehab (DORs) and other crucial operational leaders gathered virtually for the first of four meetings set for 2024. These quarterly meetings are designed to share relevant company information, impart the state of the industry, and answer questions from the field.  

Below is a peek at the agenda and a few high points from the inaugural meeting: 

Strategic Priorities with Mike Billings, President  

  • A review of Infinity’s Strategic Priorities 
  • Environmental scan:  Data and insights on the therapist shortage  
  • Product: Infinity’s differentiators  
  • Business Mentality:  The state of Infinity Rehab and the importance of the “ownership mindset” for all leaders and clinicians 
  • Clients for Life:  Infinity’s initiative to delight and maintain our clients 

People and Culture with Derek Fenwick, Vice President of People and Culture 

  • Why is the Employee Experience important, and how do we impact it? 
  • Meet the People & Culture team 
  • The HR Business Partner: A new model for field support 

Our Clinical Foundation with Patty Scheets, Vice President of Quality and Compliance 

  • The why behind our NetHealth custom library 
  • Methods to prepare our interdisciplinary teams and support our MDS coordinators 
  • Why are our clinical outcomes important, and how are we doing? 

Following the meeting, we gathered feedback from the attendees to help us design and improve our next time together.  With 36 responses, we are happy to report the meeting was well received, and we have several good suggestions to help in our future planning. 

We look forward to another energizing time together and will hold the Q2 DOR meeting, June 12, 2024. 

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