To support Infinity Rehab employees and their individual needs and preferences on how they use PTO, Infinity Rehab allows eligible employees to cash out PTO if they have been employed with Infinity Rehab in a full-time or part-time status for over 2 consecutive years.

Maximum cash out is 40 hours in one year; this can be cashed out in two periods (once on the second paycheck in May and once on the second paycheck in November). Only PTO hours over 80 can be considered for a cash-out. PTO balance must be 80 hours or more after the cash out to ensure an adequate PTO bank for the employee.

The May opportunity is here! All requests must be received by payroll by May 16, 2024, for a payout on your check on May 22, 2024. If requests are not received by May 16, 2024, a payout will not be allowed. If you have any questions regarding the policy or process, please contact Rebecca Brusseau, Payroll Manager.

CHECK ELIGIBILITY >>> 4.06.01 PTO Cash-out Policy updated 5 14 (4) 


  • Go to Ask Here in your Paycom profile (question box on the top right side of your Paycom profile)
  • Select Payroll
  • Select “I would like to submit a PTO Cash Out Request”
  • Complete the next two questions
  • Click submit

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