In years past, part of our annual Symposium has been about being able to connect with others and celebrate the hard work that we put in every day. Due to Symposium being virtual for the last two years, we have not been able to have this connection and celebration. Because of this, Infinity Rehab is encouraging teams and regions to come together locally to make those connections and have some fun!

Pick a fun restaurant or a picnic in the park. Maybe you will gain inspiration from a Florida team who are going on a dinner cruise with food, dancing, and karaoke. Or a Seattle team that is going to do an escape room and a nice dinner. Whatever it is, your expenses will be covered by Infinity Rehab (up to $75 per employee)!

We have assembled local leaders to assist with planning out these gatherings, but we need your help to get everyone involved. We want to see ALL our full and part-time employees at a gathering!

If you want to attend a local event, or you want to learn more about organizing one in your area, please talk with your DOR or ARD or contact Valerie Heim for help with planning or joining a get-together. These gatherings need to happen in May or June, so don’t wait and start getting some conversations going!

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