Your People and Culture Team continues to look for ways to leverage Paycom to further support and serve all Infinity Rehab employees. With a recent update in Paycom, you now can choose your recognition preferences for milestones such as your birthday, work anniversary, and educational accomplishments! We want each employee to feel comfortable with the way this information is shared and celebrated so we encourage you to elect these preferences.


Log into your Paycom online or via the mobile app and go to -> Information -> Additional Information ->Personal Milestones. From here, select your preferences and click “update.”

There are three options to choose from when updating your birthday and anniversary preferences:

  • Recognize privately: recognition and acknowledgment might come from your supervisor, team members, or Infinity Rehab leaders but will not be shared companywide in the Insider or other mediums, like Springboard or Microsoft Teams.
  • Recognize publicly: your birthday or anniversary might be shared, posted, or celebrated publicly for others to see, like in the Insider, at Symposium, or announced at a gathering of your team.
  • I do not want to be recognized: your birthday or anniversary will not be recognized by your supervisor or posted publicly for others to see. If you are reaching a milestone anniversary, you may still receive incentives connected with our Culture of Caring program.

Educational milestones, like degrees or certifications earned, are manually entered in your profile in this section. By choosing to add these to your profile, this will automatically default to the “recognize publicly” preference. If you don’t want to be recognized for educational accomplishments, simply don’t enter them in Paycom.


If you do not select a birthday preference, we will default to private recognition.

If you do not select an anniversary preference, we will continue to recognize it publicly when applicable.

If you do not enter your educational milestones in Paycom, we will default to private recognition.

If you have any questions, please use the “Ask Here” section of Paycom or contact


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