By Derek Fenwick

Senior Director of Human Resources

May is upon us and that means Paycom is finally here! We are excited to have you experience the Paycom platform first-hand.

Individual introductions to Paycom have started arriving in email inboxes via login information. As soon as you receive your login information, we encourage you to login and explore the mobile app or the web-based version. Your experience with the Paycom mobile app or the web version will be almost identical, a significant change from our UKG experience.

Once you login, there will be lots to explore. Your information has been transferred from UKG and many levels of audit of been completed. But please check our work – we’d like you to confirm that your information is accurate by completing an Employee Verification Checklist by Friday, May 5th. You can find this checklist inside Paycom.

Since the Paycom implementation is a phased process, not all of your employment-related information will be immediately available for your review.  PTO balances will be available later in May, as will YTD payroll data. In the very near future, all of your information will be there. Thanks for your patience as we move through the various phases of implementation.

Over the coming weeks and months, we will be utilizing Paycom in different ways. Some of us, like Home Office and Outpatient, will start using Paycom for timekeeping on May 1st. With tax season having recently ended, some of us will login to complete new tax withholding forms. Many of us will login just to look at our paystubs. Some will use the expense reimbursement module to easily submit work-related expenses. Managers will experience a more seamless process for recording performance discussions. New team members will complete onboarding in Paycom. And, with Open Enrollment quickly approaching, online benefit changes will be a common Paycom task for many of us.

Regardless of how you use Paycom initially, our goal is to have an easy to use, advanced technology-based tool at your fingertips to easily manage your personal information, help you complete employment-related tasks a little bit faster, access company policies and benefit information, and generally support our employees at all levels.

It would feel great to say we are at the finish line, but this is really just the start of a long-term strategic process improvement opportunity. Now that we’ve introduced Paycom, we will continue to leverage the technology to enhance the employee experience, better support managers, manage and report data, and continue to increase efficiencies. Paycom has additional modules that will play an important role in the future of our employees and Infinity Rehab. Watch for additional information regarding the next phases of implementation.

Finally, please keep in mind that ALL personal information changes after May 1 must be completed in Paycom. After May 1, you should not go into UKG to update any information or complete any work-related tasks. You will find that your UKG login still works for a short period, but we will not actively manage UKG after May 1, so please make sure to only use Paycom after May 1 for all your personal and work-related needs.





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