Having recently completed our annual compliance training, we are all aware of our obligation to protect patient and employee personal information.  One way in which we do that is encrypting email that we send outside of our own system.  We do this by typing “SECURE” in the subject line of an email which then triggers the email encryption process.  We do have a few arrangements with large customers that allow us to bypass the encryption process.

There is a new feature related to email security that you may have begun seeing starting Monday, November 21.  This feature is called a policy tip and will appear if the system identifies something in the email content that may be personally protected information.  It is a reminder to check the content and if there is patient information in it add the word “SECURE” in the subject line.

You do not need to add “SECURE” to the subject line every time you see this policy tip.  You only need to do so if you review the email content and see that it does indeed contain information protected by HIPPA.  Please reference the screenshot below.

If you have any questions about this or other compliance issues, please feel free to contact us at InfinityComplicance@infinityrehab.com.

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