Contract Growth Still Critical to Our Success

By Mark Wilhelm, Vice President of Sales

Now more than ever, new contract growth is a critical part of the ongoing success of Infinity Rehab.  We have set some challenging growth goals for our company in 2022 and into the future.  The sales team has always relied on the support, expertise, and a high level of customer satisfaction from current customers to help leverage future growth. Your ability to provide the highest level of quality care, helps build our brand reputation, and create the positive buzz around why Infinity Rehab is the best choice for a long-term therapy partner does not go unnoticed.

What more can we do?  Continue to provide the highest level of quality care and continue communication with current customers about how we can meet and exceed their expectations from a therapy partner.  Success breeds success and word-of-mouth advertising and referral recommendations are incredibly valuable!  We can sell the reliable, reproducible outcomes that you provide.

Our sales team is often spread very thin trying to cover at least 18+ states in addition to numerous new target states for expansion.  You can help!  As you talk to friends, colleagues, and providers in your network, look for leads and new business opportunities.  We often call on our operations teammates to help with conference coverage, working at the display, and attending social and networking events at these conferences.  Your commitment and support play a vital role in helping our organization meet and exceed our challenging sales goals.  Thank you for all that you do.


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