Leadership Academy Class of 2023

Application Opens October 15th

Applications for our next Leadership Academy cohort will open in just under a month!

Now is a great time to learn more about Leadership Academy and begin to decide if you want to apply. Check out the resources, including an FAQ and last year’s application, available on Springboard in the Career Development folder.

We also encourage you to talk to current and past scholars and hear about their experience. Here are a few things our current scholars have to say about Leadership Academy:


“Leadership Academy has been transformational for me to re-engage in learning, growing, and connecting with other like-minded peers. I feel more inspired than ever in my career with Infinity to lead and inspire others.”


“The Leadership Academy experience has significantly affected my professional development. I look forward to meeting with my cohort prior to every meeting. This course is especially great for those who are operating outside of a traditional team.”


“It has been eye-opening to discover new ideas for leadership and encouragement that everyone can develop leadership skills–you don’t have to be a “born leader.”


“This class continues to invigorate and give me new purpose in my role as a DOR. Especially related to the constant changes in the building.”


“We all need to find our tribe and a tribe of leaders at this critical time in our industry is a value that should not be put on the back burner!”


Sounds amazing, right? That’s because it is! It’s hard to find leadership development experiences that are this impactful, and to have it right here where you work is truly an opportunity that is hard to pass up. Now is the time to check out Leadership Academy for yourself and get ready to apply in October!


Derek Fenwick, PT, MBA

Sr Director of Human Resources

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