National Physical Therapy Month

JoLynn Munro, President

In October, we celebrate Physical Therapy Month. It is a time for us to recognize our physical therapists, assistants, and aides throughout Infinity Rehab and the caring, compassionate work they do to fulfill our mission. 

PTs have the foundational knowledge to develop a comprehensive care strategy, taking into account the patient’s psychological, physical, and overall health. It goes beyond a surface level assessment and addresses personal health and environmental factors unique to the patient to help them reach their therapy goals. 

It takes applying evidence-based practices and consulting with fellow PTs and other healthcare professionals when needed. 

In recognition of this, we are asking team members to nominate a PT Hero and recognize the work they do. The nominees will be featured on social media throughout the month.  Please take some time to visit our social media channels and learn more about these incredible heroes. 


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