JoLynn Munro, President

Happy new year, everyone! I hope 2023 is off to a positive and promising start for you. As this new year begins, it has me reflecting on our mission and vision statements and their significance this year.

It’s hard to believe we announced our new mission and vision statements over a year ago in October 2021. After months of internal work, it was an important decision based on reaching company goals and aligning more closely with the research-based therapy and care that Infinity therapists provide. The statements also closely align with our plans for company growth this year, increasing customer satisfaction and successes, and continuing the work you do to achieve operational excellence.

Each and every day, the therapy you provide sets the bar high as we set the standard in rehabilitation. I hear about the great work you do every month on my monthly calls. We recently heard from Lisa Edwards, PTA, who is thrilled to be back with Infinity Rehab. Last fall, Brandy Hoffert, DPT, shared her personal story of recovering in a skilled nursing facility and why she is so passionate about the work she does in her SNF. And I know there are more stories like this among our dedicated teams. I am always humbled by the compassionate care you provide.

As we walk together throughout the year, I want you to realize that the work you do makes us the first choice for our customers as well as our patients and residents. Our mission and vision don’t live without you. I wish you many successes in 2023.

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