The Leadership Academy coaches recognize many of you have been eagerly awaiting information regarding applications for the 2024 Academy, which traditionally open October 15th each year. We want to share some important news about next year’s Academy. After careful consideration, we have decided not to run our traditional year-long experience in 2024. We are instead undergoing a strategic pause in our cohort approach as we reprioritize our focus to meet the broader needs of our company.  

As we look forward to 2024 (and after a very challenging 2023), we recognize the need to pour energy into strategic priorities that will contribute to the overall growth and development of Infinity Rehab. One of those top priorities is our culture, and leadership development is a primary way we create an unmatched employee experience. We believe that a comprehensive approach and company reboot to leadership development will contribute significantly to Infinity’s long-term success. 

The upcoming year will be dedicated to re-introducing, emphasizing, and integrating The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership throughout the entire organization. This will provide us with the chance to delve deeper into the practices that define exemplary leadership with every Infinity employee. You can expect to see the 5 practices show up in places that touch your day-to-day work, like company meetings, Insider articles, and Paycom goals, just to name a few. We also plan to engage past scholars who have graduated from our Academy to further bring this effort to life, as we work to make sure every employee experiences the 5 practices and 30 behaviors that drive our leadership culture.  

The Leadership Academy coach team remains dedicated to the professional development of all our team members, and we plan for the year-long, in-person Academy to return with impact in 2025. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to your continued support as we build a stronger, more resilient organization. If you have any questions about our approach, or want to get involved in our 2024 campaign, please contact any member of our coach team.  


Derek Fenwick, Stacey Turner, Sarah Walker, and Lorana Ard 

Leadership Academy Coach Team 


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