As you know, our core business relies on delivering high-value rehabilitation in every home and community we serve. It is why our clients choose us as their partner, and it’s what our patients expect from us as their healthcare provider.

To best support our field managers and clinicians in meeting our business needs, we recently updated two policies to help clarify the company’s expectations around employee status, the use of unpaid time, and the use of same-day paid time off (PTO).

Summary of the updates:

  • 3.02 Employee Classifications
    • Clarified expectation around maintaining average hours worked in alignment with employee status (e.FT40, FT30, PT20)​
  • 4.06 Paid Time Off
    • Clarified expectation that all patient care needs in the geographic area are met before same-day PTO or unpaid time will be considered

We realize that our employees have a lot of pressures on their time, both inside and outside of work. We want to support all our employees with as much flexibility as possible, while also making sure that we meet all the patient care needs that drive our business.

We hope that these policy updates will help facilitate and guide conversations where needed to assure that we can fully deliver on the commitment we have to all our clients and patients.

To view all our HR policies on Springboard, click here (login required).

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