We are very excited to announce three updates to the Leadership Academy experience for 2023 that will greatly increase the access that Infinity leaders have to this transformative program.

  1. More Leaders Eligible

New this year, Senior Therapists and Home Office managers are now eligible to apply. We are excited to add these two influential groups of leaders to the mix for consideration alongside the leaders in the eight other jobs who are already eligible to apply.

Who is eligible to apply?

Directors of Rehab

Outpatient Clinic Directors

Home Health Clinical Coordinators

Rehab Operations Coordinators

Area Rehab Directors

Corporate leadership team members

*NEW* Home Office department managers

*NEW* Senior Therapists

Level 3 Clinical Champions

Clinical Academy graduates

2. More Spots Available

Every year, we have more qualified applicants than spots available. This year we anticipate an even tougher challenge choosing our cohort because we have had so many great leaders join us since we last opened applications for an entire class. To better meet this need in 2023, we are expanding our cohort size from 12 to 15. With five coaches leading our academy this year, we will be able to maintain our four-person coach groups (three scholars and one coach) for deeper scholar connections.

3. Easier Than Ever to Participate

For years, we have heard from Infinity Rehab leaders that our in-person education model was great for many people but not for everyone. Flying to the home office near Portland every other month for a year can be challenging, especially for those who are caregivers for others, those from more rural areas, and those with positions that are hard to leave for three full days. Add in the high costs of travel and the increased chance in these times of someone getting sick last minute and having to miss the event, and you’ve got an opportunity ripe to reconsider.

This year we are going virtual. We are inspired by the success of our fully virtual Clinical Academy, a newly virtual Director of Rehab training model, and our engaging online Symposium experience. We are redesigning our current 2-day curriculum to make it highly engaging and impactful in a virtual environment. We’re still exploring the possibility of one or two onsite gatherings during the year (think: kickoff and/or graduation), but in general you can apply this year knowing that this years’ experience will be more inclusive and available for you to complete right where you are.

If you have any questions or curiosities about these updates, please feel free to reach out to me and I’m happy to discuss more. Otherwise, be on the lookout for the application to officially launch on October 15, 2022!

Derek Fenwick, PT, MBA

Sr Director of Human Resources

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