The marketing and communications department has published a company-wide communications policy, crisis communications policy, and individual policies related to communication items, like social media and the press. You can find the policy docs on Springboard.

It is essential that our corporate communications be linked to business strategy to assure effective and consistent business operations and marketing. Our internal communications should give employees the company news and information they need to perform their jobs effectively, as well as build our company culture. Our external communications should always deliver a consistent brand message.

These policies cover a wide range of topics including:

  • Internal communications (the Insider, Teams, SharePoint, email, Springboard, Speak Up Hotline, all-company calls, text, phone, video, surveys)
  • External communications (social media, press/media, press releases, blog, website, video)
  • Communication etiquette and guidelines
  • Email etiquette and guidelines
  • Email signatures
  • Crisis communications
  • Communication approval process

Should you have any questions about these policies, please email

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