Soon, you will be able to enroll in and manage your 401(k) contributions in Paycom! You will have access to your 401(k) account while logged into your existing Paycom profile. Full details and instructions will be coming in September.

Not currently contributing to the Infinity Rehab 401(K) plan? It’s never been easier to enroll, so there’s no better time than right now to get started. Did you know that all employees who meet the requirement (1 year of service AND 1000 hours worked in a plan year) are eligible for a 50% employer match of the first 3% of employee contributions (1.5% max)? Why would you pass up free money? Don’t delay and enroll today – your financial future will thank you.

If you need to make advanced changes to your portfolio, like to allocate or change your investments, you will need to use the Fidelity website directly to complete this. You can enroll once the integration is live in Paycom. Or log on to then click on the “getting started” tab to begin the enrollment process. Fidelity can be reached at 800-835-5097. You may reach out to the benefits department at anytime with questions:

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