Did  you know that Infinity Rehab has teams in over 200 facilities across 18 states and covers post-acute care in inpatient, outpatient, home health, long-term acute care, assisted living, and independent living settings? What an incredible number of individual stories, backgrounds, and perspectives that brings to our company!

Have you ever wished you could get to know these amazing folks better?  We know how challenging it can be to feel connected to other teams and communities when we are spread this far out. Well, your DEIB team is very excited to introduce two new ways to meet your fellow Infinity Rehab team members across the country—our new Culture Corner column in the Insider and our new Infinity employee spotlights and conversations. The Culture Corner feature will provide a brief snapshot of the person through their answers to a few questions. The employee spotlights will be recorded conversations that dive deeper into a person’s lived experience. We aim to build community by sharing our stories with one another through these different mediums.

You can get involved with this project too! If you are interested in sharing a little of your story, click here. After two years of masks, we’d love to see your faces! If you feel comfortable, please add a picture of yourself. Do you work with someone who inspires/encourages/influences your personal growth? Nominate them for the Infinity Influencer Cultural Corner spotlights by emailing Hoku Okumura or Byrony Treser.

Today, we would like you to meet Ashonalee Seaborn (she, her, hers).  Ashonalee is an administrative assistant with the Infinity Rehab at Home service line and is based in Oregon.

  • One thing you cannot tell just by looking at or speaking with me is….

Public speaking and meeting new people does not come naturally to me.

  • This is important for me to share because…

I love networking and making friends and I work hard at overcoming my imposter syndrome and that voice in my head that says I’m not “cool” or  “interesting enough” for people to want to know me.

  • I share my culture at work by…

Dressing up for holidays and going over-the-top on decorations.



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