This week, we would like to introduce you to Camille Pitts (she/her/hers) who works as a community liaison with Infinity’s outpatient team in Portland, Oregon.

  • One thing you cannot tell just by looking at or speaking with me is…

My biological family’s heritage is Guatemalan. I was adopted to two of the most amazing hippies to walk the earth that encourage(d) me to grow my relationship with my culture and as many biological family members as possible.

  • This is important for me to share because…

It’s important to have positive examples of how adoption can encourage the continuation of culture thorough generations. Not all adoptions are that way but dare I say, most are. I love paying homage to my ancestors among both families.

You can get involved with this project too! If you are interested in sharing a little of your story, click here. After two years of masks, we’d love to see your faces! If you feel comfortable, please add a picture of yourself. Do you work with someone who inspires/encourages/influences your personal growth? Nominate them for the Infinity Influencer Cultural Corner spotlights by emailing Hoku Okumura or Byrony Treser.



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