Each year, we love to spread joy to all full- and part-time team members by letting them choose a holiday gift. It’s a tradition we’ve loved offering. This year, however, we are taking some time to reassess our holiday gift-giving program and will not be sending holiday gifts in 2023.

Why are we doing this? As you all know, our company is going through a time of great change. Over the summer, we transitioned out of all our Prestige locations. The same is currently happening with our Avamere teams, with the first effective date occurring on October 31 and continuing through the end of the year. Because of these changes, we have had a reduction in workforce, both in the field and at our corporate home office. This impacts our ability to handle the logistics of a large project like this. We also want to be sensitive to the exiting of our teams that is taking place during the holiday season.

So, what exactly does this mean? It doesn’t mean we won’t ever offer holiday gifts again. For 2024, we are considering some other ideas for celebrating and appreciating you. One possible option is honoring our employees coinciding with our annual Symposium conference. Additionally, 2024 is a big year for Infinity Rehab–we will be celebrating our 25th anniversary as a company in July! We are exploring the option to extend gifts to our teams around that time.

We encourage managers to utilize Culture of Caring funds (if available) to celebrate with their team at this special time of year.

If you have any specific questions, please email HR@infinityrehab.com.

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