Finance and Accounting Update

By Drew Simpson, VP of Finance

Over the last six months, the Finance and Accounting team has suffered from unfortunate turnover events with key leadership individuals.  As a result, the team has been hard at work covering learning and evolving the legacy processes that this level of change creates.

As we finish up the 1st quarter of 2022, it is a good time to reintroduce the Finance and Accounting team and walk through some of the changes to roles and responsibilities.  It is also with great pleasure that we announce some key promotions with individuals who have continuously gone above and beyond to make sure the back-office and its infrastructure continue to run smoothly.

First, it is an honor to announce that Zack Dodge has been promoted to IT manager.  Zack joined us a year ago and has been instrumental in helping us unravel and maintain our fixed asset policies.  He has recently taken on the role of software administrator and helpdesk support.  We want to thank Zack for his continued dedication to helping Infinity IT run smoothly! Reach out to Zack regarding any IT questions you may have.

Second, it is with equal honor that we announce Penny Kissner’s promotion to Payroll Manager.  Penny has been with Infinity for over a decade and has created, maintained, and updated many of today’s payroll policies and procedures.  Penny’s dedication to ensure everyone gets paid accurately and on time drives consistency and stability across all functions at Infinity.  Thank you, Penny!

Now an update on roles and responsibilities for the field-facing team.


Jessica McIntire joined us three months ago and has been navigating through taking over for Vicki Beasley.  Jessica has mainly been focused on outpatient billing and collections. Still, she will be growing her role to take over the SNF billing function in addition to SNF contract changes in April.  Jessica has done an excellent job working with Clinicient to streamline our billing process and we look forward to seeing the impact she will have on the SNF side.  Please reach out to Jessica with outpatient and skilled nursing questions.

Insurance Verification

Michelle Keely continues to be the rock behind verifying benefits for insurance authorizations (VOB).  Michelle has quickly picked up the role and is now streamlining the process to allow us to remove an outpatient bottleneck in seeing patients.  VOB requests have increased almost 25% over the last six months, a testament to the outpatient growth initiatives. Still, it makes it even more imperative that we have a process in place that everyone is aware of and follows.  Michelle has done an excellent job creating that process and we would like to remind everyone to send VOB requests to to make sure they are addressed timely.

AP and Customer Invoicing

Davine Tulip has been our AP specialist for the last nine years and has recently taken over our new and improved credit card policies and procedures.  In addition, Davine takes the back-office billing work every month and is the go-between with billing and our customers.  Davine often addresses customer and field requests around billing inquiries, invoice changes, and expense reports specifically for skilled nursing.  For example, if there are month-end changes to invoicing or other adjustments related to SNF billing, Davine can help ensure these changes get captured and implemented. Please reach out to Davine with questions.

Other Helpful Contacts

Accounting: Skylar Bouhadana

Credentialing: Tammy McCoy Patterson

Thank you, Finance and Accounting team, for your continued back-office support!  We appreciate the hard work and dedication to making Infinity Rehab a great place to work.


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