We held our annual Symposium conference May 20, 2023.

Remember, if you are registered you have access to ALL the content (even content you didn’t originally register for) through June 19, 2023. You can still earn CEU credit, watch the Employee Appreciation Event, watch JoLynn Munro’s welcome address, and see our keynote speaker Christopher Ridenhour.

To access Symposium, visit the attendee hub. Be ready to enter your first and last name and email address you used when you registered. You will be emailed and/or texted a verification code to enter the attendee hub. Then, find the your list of sessions under “Schedule” or add a new session from the session list. Then, watch the on-demand video for that session. Once complete, you have the option to complete the survey for that session by clicking the “Survey” icon within the session. Note: this will only appear for sessions you have completed offering CEUs.

Have you already attended and completed sessions? Then you are ready to take your surveys to receive credit and your course certificates! Click this link to be taken to our survey page. Only the sessions you have completed will display. Once you finish the survey, your course certificate will be emailed to you with a download link to save it as a PDF. Please check your quarantine files and junk folders for these emails!


How do you want Symposium to look in 2024? Share your thoughts with our planning team. Should we be in-person, virtual, or both? Should we hold it in a different month? What parts of the conference are most important to you? Let us know so we can plan the best Symposium yet.


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