By Infinity Rehab HR and Benefits Departments

Hopefully you have had an opportunity to login to Paycom as an employee and as a manager, if applicable, to explore and get yourself acquainted with the new platform. Below please find pertinent updates related to our Paycom transition.


As you explore Paycom, we encourage you to check out the resource section on Springboard for Paycom–a newly added FAQ flyer, training links, and video resources.


Our resource section on Springboard has a folder dedicated to manager-specific resources, trainings, and videos. We encourage you to review these materials to become better acquainted with Paycom.


Our HR and Benefits teams are scheduling several office hour sessions via Teams. These optional calls are your opportunity to drop in and ask questions that aren’t covered by the resources on Springboard.

There will be specific invites for employees and managers. Feel free to accept one or more that work with your schedule and decline the others. You do not need to attend the entire session. Join when it is convenient, leave when you have the information you need. If you did not receive an invite, please contact


During the initial migration of data from UKG to Paycom, a number of individuals were incorrectly associated with states that they neither live or work in. The underlying items have been corrected, but unfortunately any previous state data once associated with an account will remain present.

To confirm that your paycheck will not be taxed in a state outside of that where you live/work, there are two methods to gain insight into your upcoming paycheck and provide peace of mind.

  1. Navigate to Payroll>Test Sample Paycheck
    • You may still see the incorrect states listed, but with zero dollars as the tax deduction.
  2. You will receive a request to approve your paycheck 2-3 days prior to pay day to confirm your check details and taxing are correct
    • Tuesday 5/9 for weekly paid employees.
    • Wednesday 5/17 for semi-monthly paid employees.

If you notice you are being taxed incorrectly for a state in which you do not live or work in either of these areas, please let the HR department know as soon as possible at


Since the Paycom implementation is a phased process, not all of your employment-related information is immediately available for your review.  PTO balances will be available later in May, as will YTD payroll data. In the very near future, all of your information will be there. Thanks for your patience as we move through the various phases of implementation.


A reminder that ALL personal information changes must be completed in Paycom. Effective May 1, you should not go into UKG to update any information or complete any work-related tasks. You will find that your UKG login still works for a short period, but we will not actively manage UKG, so please make sure to only use Paycom for all your personal and work-related needs.





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